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Spirit Binding

Power category Werewolf
Required powers Fang Forging 10+ or Lunar Forging 10+

This power allows you to bind and unbind spirits into your weapons (and fang bracelets, if you also have Fang Forging). The spirits give the following:

Spirit\Location Weapons Bracelets
Phoenix Fire burst/bypass+1 heat bypass
Stormcrow Shock burst/bypass+1 shock bypass
SnowyOwl Frost burst/bypass+1 cold bypass
Viper +1 Speed+2 unarmed Attack/Damage
Crane +4 Defence+1 unarmed bypass
Crab +1 bypass+1 cut bypass
Mongoose +4 Attack+1 stab bypass
Bull +2 Damage+1 crush bypass

You can also bind Shark spirits into fang necklaces, which give +1 bypass for bite attacks/bursts.

The 'burst/bypass' is a +5% chance of causing a burst attack on a critical hit and +1 bypass for the burst. A weapon can only have one type of burst bonus.

You may bind as many spirits into an item as you have ranks in this power, plus one for each point of Moon Taint or spiritual energy it has. You can wear up to three spirits (divided among all your items) per rank without penalty, but each spirit beyond that is treated as 15 points of radiation.

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