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Storm Talons

Power category Werewolf
Required powers Talons of the Bear 10+ and Ride the Storm 10+

This power infuses your talons with lightning. Whenever your talons strike a critical hit, they will also perform a follow-up lightning attack using the same technique bonus as the technique you used to attack. The lightning attack doesn't get any bonuses for Talons of the Bear or Iron Talons, but it does gain +3 Attack, +2 Damage and +1 bypass per rank, and the bypass also stacks with that from Ride the Storm. Note that the lightning attack will never miss, but your attack rating will help determine the effectiveness of the overall attack.

If you also have Shock, your Storm Talons gain an extra +1 bypass per rank. If you have used Lunar Tattoos to change your Storm Talons to heat or cold bursts, the extra +1 bypass per rank instead requires Burn or Freeze respectively.

At rank 5 you unlock the tc (talons charge) command, allowing you to charge your talons so that your next claw attack (regardless of hand) only needs to cause damage to perform a lightning attack (although if the attack fails, the charge is lost). The delay and AP cost of the charge decreases at rank 10 and 15, while at rank 20 you gain the ability to perform an enhanced charge, which makes a lightning attack even if your claw attack fails. The enhanced charge mana cost is reduced at ranks 25 and 30.

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