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Summon Vermin

Power category Vampire
Required powers None

This power allows you to summon a swarm of rats to attack your enemies. The swarm's skills and styles improve in the same way as a PC, and if killed it may be resummoned back at your home plane without any loss of progress. The rats will follow simple verbal commands such as 'kill', 'north', 'follow', 'leave' and 'style'. To summon your swarm, type 'summon vermin'.

Your vermin swarm has a base of 6 Brawn, 10 Grace, 6 Mettle, 10 Size, 10 Wits, 6 Tenacity, 1 Discipline and 1 Aura. Each rank in this power gives the swarm an additional +1 Brawn, +1 Mettle and +3 Size.

At rank 20, you will summon a cloud of bats instead of a swarm of rats. If you also have rank 20 in Bat Form, you will be able to merge with the bats, giving you a number of Bat Focus (BF) points equal to your total ranks in Bat Form, Summon Vermin and Beast Master, and unlocking new techniques to spend them on.

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