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Summon Wolf

Power category Vampire and Werewolf
Required powers None

This power allows you to summon a wolf to assist you in combat. Your wolf's skills and styles improve in the same way as a PC, and if killed it may be resummoned back at your home plane without any loss of progress. The wolf will follow simple verbal commands such as 'kill', 'north', 'follow', 'leave' and 'style'. To summon your wolf, type 'summon wolf'.

Each time your wolf kills an opponent of at least half its age, one of its stats will raise, until it reaches its maximum Age (stat total) of ten times your rank. Please note that if you lower your rank in this power below 10% of the Age of your wolf, it will be reset to a pup. At Ages 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 your wolf will grow, and discover new fighting tactics.

Your wolf has a number of ranks in Wolf Form equal to 10% of its age, rounded down. At age 50 it also gains 10% of its age in Lupine Fortitude ranks.

Your wolf also gains some talents based on your rank in this power: Sure Footed at rank 5, Evasion at rank 10, Instinctive Dodge at rank 20, Toughness at rank 30 and Endurance at rank 40.

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