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Tainted Flesh

Power category Demon
Required powers Demon Form 10+ or Infernal Forging 10+

This power corrupts your flesh, bringing it into unholy alignment with your demonic armour. Each rank you have in Tainted Flesh will grant you 1% immunity to all damage, up to a maximum of 20% - however this immunity can never exceed the amount of Taint you are wearing on that particular location. For example, if you were wearing a demonic full helm which had 5 points of Taint, the most immunity you could have on your face, head and neck would be +5%, regardless of how many ranks you had in this power.

Each rank in this power also provides you with +1% natural armour against heat, cold, shock and poison damage, which protects all of your body locations.

Finally, this power makes your flesh extremely unpalatable. Those who try to eat you gain no benefits from doing so, and will be unable to swallow any other food for 5 seconds for every rank you have in this power (after biting you).

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