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Thundering Roar

Power category Werewolf
Required powers Self Control 5+ or Ride the Storm 5+

This power allows werewolves to inspire fear in their enemies with a deafening roar. This roar is treated as a mental attack on everyone within range, and if successful will (in addition to damage) fill the victim with fear, unless their rank in their Rage power exceeds your rank in Thundering Roar. Note that the Berserker Rage and Tireless Rage talents each increase the effective Rage rank of the victim by 5 for the purposes of checking whether the fear applies.

If someone is affected by the fear, they will suffer -5 Attack and Defence for every rank you have in this power, lasting for 10 seconds, plus 2 seconds per rank. They will also be unable to activate any rage-based powers.

If someone is already in a Rage when struck by this power, they also add their Extended Rage to their effective Rage rank for resisting the fear effect of your Thundering Roar. If you still beat them, their rage is stripped away.

The roar technique gets natural bypass at rank 10, upgraded at ranks 20 and 30.


  • Thundering Roar is an area attack, useful for handling weaker pets like the Imp Servant and spell-summoned elementals. However, area attacks will also hurt your own pets and allies (and cause your pets to attack you as well).
  • The roar also knocks opponents down on critical hits and, used in conjunction with pounce, can effectively prevent an enemy from escaping a fight.
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