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Power category Mage
Required powers Mind Magic 20+
Banned powers Ascension, Enlightenment, Immanence and Elemental Infusion

This power allows you to transcend your physical body, becoming a being of pure energy. While in this form you are completely immune to poison damage, and get 30% immunity vs physical damage and 20% immunity vs other damage types, +1% per rank for your first 20 ranks in this power. Each rank in this power also gives you +1 mental bypass (or +2 if you also have Psychic Mastery), as well as +4% natural armour vs physical damage and +2% natural armour vs other damage types.

You also get +1 bypass and +2% armour vs heat, shock, physical, cold and mental damage per rank in Fire Magic, Air Magic, Earth Magic, Water Magic and Mind Magic respectively. However this cannot exceed your rank in Transcendence.

In addition, your speed cap is increased by 5, your movement rate is greatly increased, and each rank in this power gives a +1 bonus to Attack, Ascendancy, Defence, Protection, Damage, Power, Resistance and Speed.

While in this form you cannot use any equipment, except for ethereal items, and weapons summoned through magic or with the Conjure Soulblade power.

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