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Venomous Tail

Power category Demon
Required powers Demon Form 10+ or Warbeast 10+
Banned powers Bladed Tail and Spiked Tail

This power causes you to grow a giant scorpion tail while in Demon Form, allowing you to make deadly stinger attacks via the 'ts' (tail sting) command. Each rank in this power grants +5 Attack to the sting attack, and if the blow connects you will automatically inject venom into your opponent and then rip the stinger back out (these last two attacks always hit, but only if the first attack was successful, and not against swarm creatures). Each rank in this power also grants +5 Damage to the venom attack.

All three parts of your tail attack gain +1 bypass per rank, or +2 bypass per rank if you also have Venom.

If you have a Warbeast, it will also have this tail while you're riding it.

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