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Power category Demon
Banned powers Demon Form

This power allows the demon to summon a fearsome warbeast to serve as a mount, with your rank representing your skill at handling it. Each rank grants +2 to bypass, Attack and Defence, and +1 to Damage, applied to your feet techniques while riding a warbeast in the same way as weapon bonuses are applied to hands. In addition, the range of your warbeast's firebreath attack is increased by 10 feet per rank. This means that the higher your rank, the more accurate and damaging your warbeast's pounce and firebreath attacks will be, and the better you'll be at leaning out of the way of incoming attacks.

If you travel to hell from the nexus (using Pathway to Hell), each mob you kill there will unlock a different warp. These are usually used for Demon Form, but your warbeast will also benefit from those which modify your breath, tail and (if you have Demonology) wings. To view or apply your warps, type 'warp'.

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