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Winds of the Mind

Power category Dragon
Requirements None

This power allows you to draw upon the primordial power of your mind. You gain +5% mental immunity and +10% mental armour at rank 1, +4% and +8% at rank 2, +3% and +6% at rank 3, +2% and +4% at rank 4, and +1% and +2% for every rank after 4. You also gain +1 mental bypass and +1 auto-absorb per rank.

While raging, each rank in this power will give +5 Resistance and +1 mental bypass, although this cannot exceed your rank in Draconic Rage.

If you also have Psychic Mastery, the above bonuses are all doubled.

If you have access to psionics, this power strengthens your mental spells by +10 range, +2 Ascendancy and +1 Power per rank. At rank 5 you learn Mind Whip (with bypass upgraded at ranks 15 and 25). At rank 10 you learn Mindshield. At rank 15 you learn Regrowth. At rank 20 you learn Psychic Lance.

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