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Wolf Form

Power category Vampire and Werewolf
Required powers Claws of the Wolf 5+ or Self Control 5+

This power allows you to take on the form of a wolf, while still retaining your supernatural gifts. While in Wolf Form you gain +1 Speed, +2 Damage and +2 Resistance for each rank you have in this power, applied before percentage modifiers. Each rank also gives you +1% natural armour vs all damage types.

In addition, your maximum Speed (for gaining AP) is increased by 5, and your movement rate is increased by 2 for walking and 5 for running, with every 5 ranks increasing your running speed by an additional +1. You also gain 30% immunity to physical damage, 20% immunity to cold, shock and poison damage, and 10% immunity to heat and mental damage. While shapechanged, you have a separate inventory and equipment set, and can only wear a collar or necklace.


Wolf Form can only wear a collar, spiked collar or fang necklace.

Combat tables

The wolf form claw table has 3 basic techniques to hit high, middle and low, does not have any defence, and cannot be used for magic. The head table only has bite by default, but you are able to use Thundering Roar, various Psionics spells, and any other head techniques from powers and talents. You can stalk (using walking speed), run, circle, pounce and swim with your feet, or fly if you have the appropriate talents.


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