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Assassin Training

Talent category Combat Specialty
Personality traits Dishonourable
Required base stats Grace 6+, Wits 6+, Discipline 6+
Required talents Dagger Mastery, Straight Sword Mastery or House DarkBlade
Banned traits Honourable

This talent indicates training in the art of assassination. When wielding a dagger or shortsword and performing a basic thrust or slash technique at an opponent who is facing away from you, your attacks cannot be dodged or blocked (your opponent is considered to have a Defence of 1) and your total damage will be doubled. If this attack is a critical hit then your opponent will also take an amount of bleeding damage per second equal to your naked Discipline, lasting a number of seconds equal to your base Discipline. Note that you can tell when an opponent has their back to you, because their name will be highlighted red.

This talent also provides you with a 'stealth' command, which currently works like a short invisibility spell (it will later be implemented properly).

Note that in order to use a dagger with this talent, you must also have Dagger Mastery, while using with a shortsword requires that you also have Straight Sword Mastery.

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