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Bearkin Family

Talent category Lesser Calling
Personality traits Lesser Calling
Required class type Werewolf (as class or trait)
Banned traits Any other Lesser Calling

You are not a true werewolf, but are instead a werebear - a related bloodline which shares many of the same attributes and abilities. This provides you with an extra +25% health (added to Endurance if you have it, to give +50% health).

The Bearkin are known for their strength and resilience. Each point of Speed exceeding your Speed Cap is converted into 1 point of Damage and Resistance, instead of the usual 1 point of Attack, Defence, Ascendancy and Protection.

Each rank in Talons of the Bear and Greater Bear Spirit will give your claws an additional +1 Damage and bypass. If Greater Bear Spirit gives you a pain bonus while raging, half of it will also be applied to your Damage.

When you draw upon your rage, the Spirit of Otso is the one who answers your call. This works much like Spirit of Fenris, except that the Damage bonus is doubled to +10 per rank, and it doesn't give any Defence bonus.

If you are transformed into bear or bearman form and have the Natural Fortitude talent, then each rank in Lupine Fortitude gives +1 Resistance and Core Damage.

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