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Bloodsteel Affinity

Talent category Class
Required traits Classed
Required class type Vampire (as class or trait)
Required talents House BloodStone and Blood Potency

Your potent blood grants you a greater affinity with bloodsteel.

If your weapons are forged from bloodsteel, your Blood Forging bypass bonus for throbbing and pulsating weapons is doubled (to +2 and +4 bypass respectively). In addition, they gain a critical bypass bonus equal to your Tenacity while pulsating, and half that while throbbing.

If your armour is forged from bloodsteel and classified as heavy, it gains a soak bonus while you are wearing it. This bonus is +X% physical armour per rank in Blood Forging, and half that amount as energy armour, where X is your base Tenacity. This doesn't stack with the Heavy Armour Expert multiplier.

You also receive the above natural armour bonus vs internal damage, regardless of what armour (if any) you're wearing.

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