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Caustic Breath

Talent category Class
Required class type Dragon (as class or trait)
Required skills Red Magic 100+
Required talents Black Dragon Descendant, Burn and Venom

Your acidic breath is particularly potent, and burns like liquid fire, causing dual poison/heat damage. This applies to both your physical and magical breath attacks, although the former inflicts poison damage if both types are equal, while the latter inflicts heat. This benefit applies to all forms (as well as your mount, if any), but only when using acid breath.

Your acid breath attack gains an additional +1 poison and heat bypass per rank in Fumes of the Pit, and +1 heat bypass per rank in Fires of the Volcano. If your acid breath comes from a Draconian or Hydra infusion, any poison bypass granted to your breath attack by the wisdom also applies to your heat bypass.

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