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Talent category Miscellaneous
Personality traits Honourable
Required base stats Discipline 7+
Banned traits Dishonourable

This talent allows you to summon a warhorse to serve as a mount, and a falcon to serve as a weapon. To summon a warhorse, use 'hs' (head summon), followed by 'hh' (head horse) to specify the mount type. To summon a falcon, use the 'fg' hand combo (eg 'rf' then 'rg' to summon it with your right hand).

If you are a full vampire and know the Ember rune (see Blood Runes), you will summon a nightmare instead of a warhorse. All bonuses which apply to your warhorse will also apply to the nightmare, but the nightmare will also provide additional attack types and bonuses.


As with the horse you can get from the stable, the warhorse improves your land movement speed, but it has other advantages, too. It can be re-summoned virtually anywhere, and also provides a kick attack in your “foot” technique table.

Your falcon is used as a ranged weapon with techniques to attack specific target areas on an opponents body. It uses your Improvised weapons skill, and the Chivalry talent counts as its Mastery talent (in the same way as, for example, a longsword benefits from Straight Sword Mastery).

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