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Chromatic Pedigree

Talent category Class (subclass only)
Required class type Dragon (as class or trait)

While most dragons have chromatic-coloured scales, their markings are impure, and careful inspection reveals other evidence of their mongrel ancestry. You, however, are a purebreed dragon descended from one of the Chromatic bloodlines.

You get +1 cut, stab, crush, heat, cold or shock hand bypass per rank in Dragon Form if you have Great Cleave, Great Pierce, Great Smash, Great Burn, Great Freeze or Great Shock respectively. If your Treasure Hoard normally gives +2 bypass when activated, it will instead give +3 bypass for that damage type.

In addition, the Resistance bonus from your Dragonhide is doubled. If you have Tough Hide, both multipliers are applied (i.e., your Resistance is quadrupled).

As with all purebreed dragons, your scales are stronger than normal. Each rank in Dragon Form gives you +2% armour vs all damage types.

Note that these bonuses only apply while you are in Dragon Form.


The colouring of a Chromatic dragon is based on its Descendant type, with a special case for purebreed dragons that have Psychic Mastery and no Descendant talent.

Talent Colour
Black Dragon Descendant Black
Blue Dragon Descendant Blue
Red Dragon Descendant Red
White Dragon Descendant White
Psychic Mastery Yellow
None of the above Green
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