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Cloud Giant

Talent category Lesser Calling
Personality traits Lesser Calling
Required class type Titan (as class or trait)
Banned traits Any other Lesser Calling

This talent is unlocked by a subclass.

Every night, Father Sky came down to mate with Mother Earth, and she bore him many children. But when Father Sky saw how ugly his offspring were, he pushed them back into Mother Earth's womb, causing her great pain. Mother Earth then created a great flint-bladed sickle and gave it to her youngest son, who used it to castrate Father Sky before casting the severed testicles into the ocean. The cloud giants were born from the blood that spilled onto Mother Earth.

Your innate shock and mental bypass is increased to +1 per rank instead of +1 per 3 ranks, while your innate shock and mental immunity is doubled.

Your Precise Throw will hurl dual shock/mental lightning bolts.

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