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Dark Conduit

Talent category Class
Personality traits None
Required class type Vampire or Demon (as class or trait)

Your soul has become a conduit for dark energy, strengthening your connection to the unholy power which fuels your existence. Note that only a true vampire or demon will benefit from this talent.

If you have Shadow Infusion or Inferno, you will get +3 bypass per rank instead of the usual +1 bypass per rank. The bypass damage type doesn't change.

If you have Mist Form, then the physical and poison immunity bonuses will no longer be capped at rank 20 (for example you will get +30% at rank 30, etc).

If you have House ShadowSworn or Witch Spawn, then your rank in Path of Shadows or Pathway to Hell will determine the power of your invisibility spell. If you don't have House ShadowSworn or Witch Spawn, you will get double the immunity, armour, auto-absorb and bypass from Path of Shadows and Pathway to Hell.

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