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Dark Lineage

Talent category Heritage
Required class type Vampire (as class or trait)
Required base stats Brawn 6+, Grace 6+, Wits 6+
Banned talents Faith

One of your ancestors was a vampire, and you have discovered how to draw upon the supernatural power of your mixed blood. While still far weaker than a true vampire, you are able to utilise some of their minor abilities.

You can use the claws command to extend or retract your claws.

You can use the hr (head regenerate) command to heal injuries. This can also be enhanced (by typing hr+), which will automatically heal you every 4 seconds until you run out of mana or are fully healed.

You can use the hb (head bite) command to perform a bite attack, which causes stabbing damage and restores 1-5 points of mana (or 2-10 on a critical hit).

If you also have the Regeneration power, this talent allows you to unlock the various options as if you had an extra 5 ranks.

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