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Demon Spawn

Talent category Lesser Calling
Required class type Demon (as class or trait)
Required base stats Brawn 7+, Size 7+

You are the spawn of a dreaded Demon Lord. Your eyes glitter with dark malice and terrifying flame-wreathed horns sprout from your forehead.

The cost of your headbutt attack is reduced to 75 AP, and is upgraded to a +10 Attack and Damage 2-second paired attack. Your headbutt also gains +1 bypass for each point you have in Brawn, although only every third point over 10 is counted (so Brawn 16 would give +12 bypass).

If you are a full demon with the Demon Form power, each rank will give your headbutt technique an additional +2 Attack and Damage, and +2 bypass.

Your horned headbutt has a 100% chance of performing a burst attack whenever it inflicts a critical hit. This burst attack will cause heat damage by default, but may be changed with warps as usual. This does not apply if you use warps to replace your horns with something else, such as antlers or snakes.

The bonuses to Attack, Damage and bypass apply to all aspects of your headbutt, including bursts and warped alternatives (such as antlers or snakes).

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