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Devil Spawn

Talent category Lesser Calling
Required class type Demon (as class or trait)
Required base stats Brawn 7+, Mettle 7+

You are the spawn of a mighty Devil, and the rage of hell burns in the depths of your dark soul. The Damage bonus you gain from rage talents, powers and spells is increased by 50%, and while raging you also gain the following:

If you have Great Cleave, Great Smash, or Great Pierce, your blows penetrate even the toughest of armour, giving your hands a bypass bonus equal to your naked Grace, Brawn or Wits respectively, up to a maximum of 10, +1 for every 2 points over 10. Note that 'naked' includes only base, class and trained stats.

If you have Sure Footed then you pursue your enemies like the relentless fires of hell. While raging, you gain +1 movement rate for each point you have of naked Grace, up to a maximum of 10, plus 1 point for every 5 points over 10.

If you have Endurance or Toughness, you shrug off injuries which would fell a lesser being. Endurance gives +1% health per point of naked Mettle, while Toughness gives +2 Resistance per point of naked Mettle.

If you are a full demon with the Extended Rage power, its rank is doubled for the purposes of overcoming fear spells and powers, such as Thundering Roar.

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