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Dracolich Aberration

Talent category Class (subclass only)
Required class type Dragon (as class or trait)
Banned talents Rigid Feathers, Thick Pelt or Tough Hide

Thousands of years ago, a faction of mongrel dragons grew frustrated at being forever looked down on by the pureblooded pedigrees, and attempted to follow in the footsteps of the Celestial dragons. Unfortunately their ritual went awry, and instead of ascending to a higher state of spiritual being they descended into a state of undeath, becoming the dracoliches - undead dragons.

Your claw, bite and breath bypass bonuses from Dragon Form are doubled, as are the non-rage bypass bonuses from the five Magic powers (eg Fires of the Volcano will give +2 heat bypass per rank, or +4 if you have Red Dragon Descendant).

Your default breath weapon (if you don't have a Dragon Descendant talent) will be ghostfire (mental damage). This ghostfire breath gets +2 Attack/Ascendancy and +2 Damage/Power per rank in Winds of the Mind (both physical and magical).

You gain +4% cut, stab, crush and mental armour per rank in Dragon Form.

Your dead nerves no longer feel pain; you ignore all pain penalties. Equally, bad food no longer makes you sick. These two bonuses apply to all forms, but all other benefits of this talent only apply in Dragon Form.

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