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Dracolich Skeleton

Talent category Class (subclass only)
Required class type Dragon (as class or trait)

Over time your flesh has rotted away, leaving behind only a skeleton.

You don't suffer the automatic light encumbrance classification of Dragon Form, since you lack the heavy flesh and hide of a living dragon. However your bones are extremely tough, letting you retain the normal health and armour bonuses.

The stab and crush armour bonuses from Dragon Form and Natural Fortitude are swapped, as are your initial 10% stab and 30% crush immunity bonuses when in Dragon Form. Piercing weapons do little damage against a skeleton, but without the protective layer of scaled flesh your bones are more easily broken.

You are able to use your Protection against physical burst attacks instead of having a Defence of 1. The burst still always hits, but will do less average damage and have a lower chance of causing a critical hit. This bonus extends to each of the other five damage types if you also have at least 20 ranks in the appropriate Magic power (Fires of the Volcano for heat bursts, etc).

Your Dragonhide gives you +10% immunity vs physical damage.

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