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Dracolich Spectre

Talent category Class (subclass only)
Required class type Dragon (as class or trait)
Personality traits Lesser Calling
Banned traits Any other Lesser Calling

You have transcended your physical body, becoming a ghostly dragon.

Your ethereal state renders you completely immune to poison damage, and causes all of your physical attacks to inflict dual cold/mental damage. Your attacks will continue to benefit from talents as normal (eg Dragon Form and Iron Talons increase your claw bypass) but will no longer inflict physical damage.

The stab and crush armour bonuses from Dragon Form and Natural Fortitude are the same as your cut armour, and the initial immunity bonuses for Dragon Form are 30% vs all physical damage (rather than 10% stab, 20% cut and 30% crush).

Your armour, immunity, auto-absorb, bypass and rage bonuses from Chill of the Tundra are all doubled, as if you had the White Dragon Descendant talent.

Your heat immunity and armour from Fires of the Volcano no longer scale, meaning you get a flat +1% immunity and +2% armour per rank.

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