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Dragon Blooded

Talent category Heritage
Required class type Dragon (as class or trait)
Required base stats Aura 5+
Required styles Dragon 50+
Banned talents Dragon Rider

One of your forefathers was a dragon, and some of the heritage of that union has been passed on to you. While still far weaker than a true dragon, you are able to utilise some of their minor abilities.

You can use the ht (head travel) command to fly distances up to 5000 feet.

You can use the hd (head dragonhide) command to turn your skin scaly, giving you a Resistance bonus based on your Green Magic skill and allowing you to use a third of your feet defence during cooldown. This can also be enhanced (by typing hd+), which makes it permanent and increases the Resistance bonus.

You can breath fire on your opponent by typing hc (head concentrate) followed by hb (head bite). This is treated as a ranged magic attack.

You can use the fw (feet wingbash) command as an attack. If you are in the air when you perform it, you will instead remain airborn for another 3 seconds, during which time you will move at 100 feet per second.

If you are a true dragon (or have Dragon Hatchling), this talent counts as 5 extra ranks in Dragon Form for the purposes of natural armour and auto-absorb.

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