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Dragon Hatchling

Talent category Semi-Class
Required talents Dragon Blooded
Banned traits Classed

You are a newly hatched dragon. You are too young to benefit from the powers of a full dragon, but are still a powerful force to be reckoned with.

As a dragon you cannot use weapons or armour, and must instead rely on your jaws, claws, breath, wings and tail. You gain all of the benefits described for the Dragon Form power, but with 0 ranks. However Dragon Blooded provides you with basic natural armour (25% vs crush damage, 20% vs cut, 15% vs stab and 10% vs all other) and auto-absorb (5 vs crush, cut and stab damage).

You gain an extra combat table for your tail, accessable via the ts command, which uses your Flails skill and benefits from Whip Mastery.

You are able to launch yourself into the air and remain airborn using the fl (feet launch) command. Every 10 seconds you spend in the air increases your Flight Exhaustion by 1, up to a maximum of 10 after 100 seconds, while every 10 seconds spent on the ground will decrease it by 1. Your Flight Exhaustion is applied as a direct penalty to your Speed Cap (but not your Speed), and can be added to your prompt (or viewed with the display command) as $l.

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