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Talent category Combat Specialty
Personality traits None
Required base stats Grace 8+
Required talents Sure Footed or Unarmed Mastery
Banned talents Armour Proficiency, Natural Fortitude and Strong Magical Shields

You have learned to roll with attacks made against you, reducing the amount of damage you take from each blow. This provides you with the equivalent of 20% cut, stab and crush immunity to all locations when fighting unencumbered, or 10% immunity when lightly armoured. Every point of encumbrance on the location being struck will reduce this immunity by 1% for that location, however - so if you were unencumbered, but wearing a 4 point encumbrance breastplate and a 1 point encumbrance helmet, this talent would give you 16% immunity on your body, 19% immunity on your head, and 20% immunity everywhere else.

Note that immunity is treated exactly like another layer of armour, added after all other armour, except that it cannot be bypassed. If you have immunity from other talents, powers or spells, then they will all be added together before being applied as the last layer, although they cannot exceed 95%. Note also that the immunity bonus from Evasion cannot be reduced below 0%, so it will never penalise immunity from other sources (such as Sure Footed).

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