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Feral Spirit

Talent category Heritage
Required class type Werewolf (as class or trait)
Required base stats Brawn 6+, Mettle 6+, Size 6+

One of your ancestors was a werewolf, and you have discovered how to draw upon the supernatural power of your mixed blood. While still far weaker than a true werewolf, you are able to utilise some of their minor abilities.

You can use the talons command to extend or retract your talons.

You can use the hd (head beasthide) command to grow thick fur, giving you a Resistance bonus based on your Green Magic skill and allowing you to use a third of your feet defence during cooldown. This can also be enhanced (by typing hd+), which makes it permanent and increases the Resistance bonus.

You can use the hb (head bite) command to perform a bite attack, which causes crushing damage and provides you with a mouthful of flesh.

You can leap distances of up to 300 feet while outdoors (30 feet indoors) when unencumbered or lightly encumbered by using the fj (feet jump) command three times in sequence (i.e., fj, fj, fj).

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