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Fiend Spawn

Talent category Lesser Calling
Required class type Demon (as class or trait)
Required base stats Brawn 6+, Tenacity 6+

You are the spawn of a powerful Fiend, and this dark heritage has imbued your talons with deadly venom. Whenever you inflict a critical hit with a natural claw attack, you will automatically inflict an additional poison attack.

If you also have the Tainted Soul talent, then your talons receive +1 poison bypass for each point of Tenacity you have. If your Tenacity exceeds 10, then only every fifth point beyond that counts (so a Tenacity of 15 would give your talons +11 poison bypass).

If you are a full demon, your talons will gain +1 poison bypass for each rank you have in each of Tainted Talons and Tainted Flesh. This will also stack with the bonus from Tainted Soul, if you have that as well.

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