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Foxkin Family

Talent category Lesser Calling
Personality traits Lesser Calling
Required class type Werewolf (as class or trait)
Banned traits Any other Lesser Calling

You are not a true werewolf, but are instead a werefox - a related bloodline which shares many of the same attributes and abilities. This provides you with 25% immunity to mental damage and 1 point of mental auto-absorb for every point you have in Mettle. If your Mettle exceeds 10, then only every second point beyond that counts (so Mettle 12 would give 11 auto-absorb vs mental damage).

The Foxkin are known for their amazing speed and stealth. The Defence, Speed and movement rate bonuses granted by Greater Fox Spirit are doubled, as is both the invisibility level and ranked duration bonus for Assassin Training.

Furthermore, if you have rank 30+ in Greater Fox Spirit, your Protection will be used against all burst damage types. The Fox Spirit protects its own.

If you also have the Lupine Fortitude power, and are transformed into fox or foxman form, then each rank in Lupine Fortitude will provide +2% mental armour.

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