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Frost Giant

Talent category Lesser Calling
Personality traits Frost Synergy and Lesser Calling
Required class typeTitan (as class or trait)
Banned traits Any other Lesser Calling

This talent is unlocked by a subclass.

When the first of the giants was killed, the blood from his wounds poured forth to form the southern Gash, drowning almost the entire tribe of frost giants in the process. Only two giants survived the flood - Bergelmir, and his wife. Between them they brought forth new families of frost giants, using Aurgelmir's bones to erect the mountain range known as Southgash Crag.

Your innate cold bypass is increased to +1 per rank instead of +1 per 3 ranks, while your innate cold immunity is doubled (see Titan).

If you are an Elder Frost Giant, your innate stab bypass is doubled to +2 per rank, and you gain +10% immunity vs energy damage. If you also have Primordial Breath, it will cause your opponent to be covered in a layer of rime frost on a critical hit. This has the same effect as a successfully cast Tenebrous Chains spell, except that it uses your rank in Precise Throw.

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