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Heavy Armour Expert

Talent category Combat Specialty
Personality traits None
Required base stats Brawn 8+, Mettle 8+
Required talents Armour Proficiency
Banned talents Natural Fortitude

When you are hit in combat, each piece of armour on the struck location absorbs a percentage of the damage (see armour). After applying this percentage modifier, the MUD then reduces the remaining damage by the auto-absorb value of each piece of armour. This auto-absorb is normally the same as the encumbrance of the armour, but with this talent the auto-absorb is doubled, reflecting your knack at turning your body when struck so that the most resilient parts of your armour intercept the blow. In addition, you are able to wear certain pieces of armour (full helm, breastplate, boots, gauntlets and metal greaves and bracers) as if they were one encumbrance point lighter. Note that the auto-absorb bonus from magical items is also doubled, but not the bonus from Toughness.

This talent also raises your maximum post-bypass soak percentage to 90% for all worn armour (see armour), although it won't help natural armour.

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