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House BloodStone

Talent category Lesser Calling
Required class type Vampire (as class or trait)
Required base stats Brawn 6+, Tenacity 6+

You are a member of House BloodStone, one of the great vampire orders. This allows you to infuse metal weapons and armour with your blood via the forge command, transforming them into a heavy yet durable metal called bloodsteel.

Whenever you hit someone with a bloodsteel weapon, it soaks up blood, making it throb and eventually pulsate, and this talent allows you to utilise that stolen lifeforce. While the weapon is pulsating you gain a bypass bonus equal to your Tenacity. This bypass bonus is halved when the weapon is only throbbing (so a Tenacity of 30 would give only +15 bypass).

If you are a full vampire with the Blood Forging power, the above bypass bonus stacks with the ranked bypass bonus. Your power is also treated as if it were 5 ranks higher for the purposes of wearing and forging (but not for bypass).

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