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House DarkBlade

Talent category Lesser Calling
Required class type Vampire (as class or trait)
Required base stats Brawn 6+, Grace 5+, Size 6+, Discipline 6+
Required skills Swords 75+

You are a member of House DarkBlade, one of the great vampire orders. This allows you to conjure a blade of shimmering darkness via the conjure command, which you can use to deadly effect in combat. House DarkBlade are the masters of this weapon, and you therefore gain a +25 bonus to your Swords skill when wielding a darkblade (although this bonus won't appear in your score). You also gain the ability to wear up to 5 items each with 10 Shadow Taint.

Many members of House DarkBlade are deadly assassins - if you have the Assassin Training talent, you'll be able to use your darkblade to perform backstabs and slit throats, and your stealth ability will provide rank 5 invisibility. If you are a vampire using the Cloak of Shadows power, this talent will enhance your Cloak's invisibility and Defence bonus by an additional 5 ranks.

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