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House NightWing

Talent category Lesser Calling
Required class type Vampire (as class or trait)
Required base stats Grace 6+, Wits 6+

You are a member of House NightWing, one of the great vampire orders. This provides you with a pair of powerful batlike wings which can be used as both a weapon (via the feet wingbash command) and as a means of transport (via the head travel command). Further, your sharpened hearing provides you with the equivilent of rank 5 'detect invisible', which stacks with any other detection powers, spells or items you might have.

If you have Dark Lineage or Blood Legacy 5+, your human and Wolf Form bite will perform an internal poison burst whenever it inflicts a critical hit.

If you are a full vampire with the Bat Form power, this talent will also give you +1 bypass for each rank you have in Bat Form while shapechanged into a cloud of bats, and +3% armour vs poison damage per rank, regardless of your form. You will also be able to focus your bat attacks, giving you access to high (head, face and neck), medium (body, back, arms and hands) and low (groin, legs and feet) attacks. Although Bat Form is not traditionally considered a combat form, the members of House NightWing have turned it into such.

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