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House ShadowSworn

Talent category Lesser Calling
Required class type Vampire (as class or trait)
Required base stats Aura 7+
Required skills Green magic 75+

You are a member of House ShadowSworn, one of the great vampire orders. This provides you access to a range of hand-based spells, which you can activate by typing magic. As well as providing the standard spells, this talent also gives you Summon Shadow and two Shadow Bolt spells.

House ShadowSworn are also the masters of the infamous shadow drakes, which you can summon via the hs (head summon) command.

If you are also a vampire, your Path of Shadows power will unlock additional spells as you gain ranks. In addition, while riding a shadow drake, each rank in Beast Master will grant +1 to the Attack, Defence and Damage of your feet techniques, and increase your drake's flight distance by 1000 feet.

This talent doubles the immunity, armour, auto-absorb and bypass of Path of Shadows.

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