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Improved Spell Range

Talent category Magic Specialty
Personality traits None
Required class type Mage (as class or trait)
Required base stats Tenacity 6+, Discipline 6+, Aura 8+
Required skills Three magic colours 50+

This talent increases the range of all your spells by 50%. This modifier is applied after the appropriate magic colour, not added like most percentage bonuses are - so if you have a base range of 100', increased to 200' because of your magic colour, this talent would increase the 200' by an additional 50% giving you a total range of 300'. Any magical bonuses to range are still applied afterwards, however, and touch-ranged spells are not increased.

Ranged spells usually give your opponent a +1 Defence bonus for every foot of distance beyond the first ten. With this talent, the bonus is reduced to +1 Defence for every five feet of distance beyond the first hundred.

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