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Martial Gnosis

Talent category Class
Personality traits None
Required traits Classed
Required base stats Discipline 8+
Required talents Mind Over Matter and Serenity

You have learned how to calm and focus your mind, adapting your fighting style and enhancing the bonuses that your current style normally grants you, as long as you are not in a Rage. Typing 'style' will show the current enhancements.

This talent multiplies the Protean Nemesis and Self Control ranked bonuses granted by Serenity by 1.5 times, although this modifier doesn't apply to any additional bonuses granted by Style Mastery talents.

If you are a Vampire or Mage, you gain the ranked Serenity bonuses as well as the 1.5 times modifier described above, using your rank in Mind Magic. If you are a Dragon, you instead use your rank in Winds of the Mind. In other words, all classes get the same bonus from Martial Gnosis, but Werewolves and Demons can also benefit from Serenity on its own, while the other classes cannot.

Thus a Vampire in Bull style could get up to +24 Damage per rank in Mind Magic, using Serenity (+12), Damage Style Mastery (+6) and Martial Gnosis (+6).

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