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Metallic Pedigree

Talent category Class (subclass only)
Required class type Dragon (as class or trait)

You are a purebreed dragon, descended from one of the Metallic bloodlines. The Metallic dragons were the first to unlock the primal fury of the Draconic Rage, and the only bloodline to have ever truly plumbed its depths.

While raging, you get +1 cut, stab, crush, heat, cold or shock hand bypass per rank in Draconic Rage if you also have Cleave, Pierce, Smash, Burn, Freeze or Shock respectively. You get an additional +1 bypass per rank in Extended Rage if you have the appropriate Great talent (Great Cleave, Great Pierce, etc).

In addition, the more hurt you are the more dangerous you become. While raging you gain a percentage bonus to Attack and Defence equal to the pain penalty you would normally suffer.

As with all purebreed dragons, your scales are stronger than normal. Each rank in Dragon Form gives you +3% armour vs cut, stab and crush damage, +1% armour vs heat, cold and shock damage, and +4% armour vs poison damage.

Note that these bonuses only apply while you are in Dragon Form.


The colouring of a Metallic dragon is based on its Descendant type, with a special case for purebreed dragons that have Psychic Mastery and no Descendant talent.

Talent Colour
Black Dragon Descendant Bronze
Blue Dragon Descendant Copper
Red Dragon Descendant Gold
White Dragon Descendant Silver
Psychic Mastery Platinum
None of the above Brass
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