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Ravenous Giant

Talent category Lesser Calling
Personality traits Lesser Calling
Required class typeTitan (as class or trait)
Banned traits Any other Lesser Calling

This talent is unlocked by a subclass.

The Wendigo is a gaunt giant, with ash grey skin, deeply sunken eyes and bloody tattered lips. It hungers for human flesh, but is never sated, for it always grows in proportion to the meal it has just eaten.

Macabre Feast grants you +4 Attack, Damage and bypass per rank instead of the usual +2 per rank. Furthermore, your bite will also burst on a regular hit.

Powerful Metabolism no longer allows you to digest food at twice normal rate.

There is no longer a limit on how much food you can digest. You may add '$e' to your prompt to show how much you've eaten, with every 100 points increasing your Size by +1 (up to a maximum of +10). This timer will decrease by 1 point per second, but won't go down while you have an adrenaline rush.

Your innate cold immunity is doubled (see Titan).

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