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Razor Claws

Talent category Class
Personality traits None
Required class type Vampire (as class or trait)
Required base stats Grace 6+, Wits 6+, Tenacity 5+
Required skills Unarmed 75+
Required styles Wolf 50+
Banned talents Iron Talons

This talent makes your claws as sharp as razor blades. When using natural claw attacks, you gain +1 Attack for each point of Grace and Wits you have (added as if it were a natural weapon bonus). Your natural claw attacks also receive +1 cut bypass for each point of Tenacity you have. If your stats exceed 10, then only every second point beyond that counts (so a Tenacity of 12 would give your claws +11 cut bypass, while a Grace of 20 would give +15 Attack, and so on).

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