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Rigid Feathers

Talent category Class
Personality traits None
Required class type Dragon (as class or trait)
Required base stats Grace 7+
Required skills Green magic 50+
Banned talents Thick Pelt and Tough Hide

This talent causes your hide to become covered with long feathers, which become rigid when using Dragonhide. This only applies while in Dragon Form; although most dragons are hairless, a small minority have fur or feathers.

The duration of the Dragonhide is doubled, and the Resistance bonus is replaced with a Defence bonus of four times the normal Resistance bonus. You also get a natural armour bonus of 10% to all locations against physical damage.

In addition, the mana cost for boosting Dragonhide is halved, the casting time is reduced from 2 seconds to 1, and the AP cost reduced from 75 to 50.

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