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Required base stats Discipline 6+
Required talents Attack Style Mastery, Defence Style Mastery, Speed Style Mastery,
Damage Style Mastery or Resist Style Mastery
Banned talents Berserker Rage

You have attained inner tranquility through the mastery of your fighting style, enhancing your prowess in combat when not in a Rage. You gain the following bonus or bonuses if you have the appropriate Style Mastery talent/s:

Attack Style Mastery -5 to your attack rolls below 96
Defence Style Mastery +5 penalty to attack rolls above 5 made against you
Speed Style Mastery -1 cooldown and -10 AP cost for all locations/techs
Damage Style Mastery +5 to your accuracy bonus
Resist Style Mastery -5 accuracy penalty to all attacks made against you

Demons can use Protean Nemesis to adapt their fighting style, while Werewolves can use Self Control to focus their inner calm. If your style gives Attack, Ascendancy, Defence or Protection, you get +10 per rank before percentages. If your style gives Damage, Power or Resistance, you get +12, +6 or +4 per rank after percentages for basic, advanced and super styles respectively. If your style gives Speed, you gain +2, +1 or +2/3 (two thirds) Speed cap per rank for basic, advanced and super styles respectively. If you also have the associated Style Mastery, you get an extra +6 per rank for Damage, Power or Resistance, +1 per rank for Speed cap, and +10 per rank for all other bonus types.


  • Martial Gnosis multiplies the ranked bonuses of Serenity by 1.5 times, and allows Vampires, Mages, and Dragons to get the same bonus as well.
  • Experiment with styles to find out which ones help your build the most. A character with low Resistance might benefit a lot more from using Rhino than Bear as Serenity doesn't depend on your base stats and substats.
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