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Serpent Breed

NOTE: this is a subclass-only talent.

Talent category Class
Required class type Dragon (as class or trait)

You are a great serpent, one of the rarer dragon breeds. While in Dragon Form your left and right hand locations are replaced with fin tables that allow you to dodge and cast spells, but not make physical attacks. These fins also have the advantage of being so small that they cannot be cut off during combat.

You get +2 bypass and +4% natural armour vs heat, cold, shock and poison damage for each rank you have in Fires of the Volcano, Chill of the Tundra, Eye of the Storm and Fumes of the Pit respectively. While swimming, you get +2 movement rate for each rank you have in Dragon Form.

You get double the bypass bonus from Lashing Tail (i.e., +6 per rank). The AP cost of its attack is reduced to 75, and the delay is reduced to 3 seconds.

Your bite attack performs an internal cut burst on a critical hit.

Note that these bonuses only apply while you are in Dragon Form.

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