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Storm Giant

Talent category Lesser Calling
Personality traits Storm Synergy and Lesser Calling
Required class typeTitan (as class or trait)
Banned traits Any other Lesser Calling

This talent is unlocked by a subclass.

Thunor is the ruler of the storm giants, and the son of Wotan. According to ancient prophecy, Thunor will fight and slay the World Serpent in the Final Battle - however he in turn will succumb to its deadly poison, staggering back only nine steps before falling dead from the venom coursing through his veins.

Your innate shock bypass is increased to +1 per rank instead of +1 per 3 ranks, while your innate shock immunity is doubled (see Titan).

Your Precise Throw will hurl lightning bolts, which inflict shock damage.

If you are an Elder Storm Giant, your innate crush bypass is doubled to +2 per rank, and you gain +10% immunity vs energy damage. Your Precise Throw will now hurl dual shock/crush thunderbolts.

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