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Sure Footed

Talent category Combat Specialty
Personality traits None
Required base stats Grace 6+

This talent provides you with a better sense of balance, granting you a +25 bonus to your feet Defence, and a -1 bonus to your feet cooldown. The Defence bonus is added before percentages, but is not a technique bonus and therefore isn't doubled. This talent also gives you a 50% chance of landing on your feet if swept or knocked over, should you fail to enter a recovery move quickly enough, although not while wearing medium or heavy armour. Also, when fighting unencumbered, this talent will provide you with 5% immunity on all locations versus cutting, stabbing and crushing damage, reflecting your skill at twisting your body away from incoming attacks. Note that if you are shapechanged into a four-legged form, the +25 feet Defence bonus will be doubled to +50, reflecting your greater stability. This talent will not aid you at all while shapechanged into a swarm form, for obvious reasons.

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