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Tainted Soul

Talent category Heritage
Required class type Demon (as class or trait)
Banned talents Faith

Through evil acts and meddling with fell beings, your soul has become tainted by demonic energy. A mortal in such a position would usually have lost their soul, but your Supernaturalis state renders you immune to such a fate, while even allowing you to wield a number of minor demonic abilities.

You can use the talons command to extend or retract your talons.

You can use the hd (head demonhide) command to turn your skin red and scaly, giving you a Resistance bonus based on your Green Magic skill and allowing you to use a third of your feet defence during cooldown. This can also be enhanced (by typing hd+), which makes it permanent and increases the Resistance bonus.

You can use the hh (head headbutt) command to perform an improved headbutt technique using your horns. This has a paired attack strength, costs 100 AP (instead of the normal 125), takes 3 seconds to execute (instead of 4), gains +5 Attack and Damage, and you don't suffer damage if your headbutt is blocked.

While wielding a knife or dagger in one hand and holding nothing in the other, your weapon hand gains a cut palm command, allowing you to regain mana.

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