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Wyvern Breed

Talent category Class (subclass only)
Required class type Dragon (as class or trait)

You are a great wyvern, one of the rarer dragon breeds. While in Dragon Form, your left and right hand locations are replaced with wing tables which benefit from the Attack, Defence and Damage bonuses of Lord of the Skies, although the bypass bonus of that power only applies to your wingbash attack. Furthermore, each rank in Lord of the Seas, Lord of the Skies or Lord of the Lands will give your wingspike slash, wingspike thrust and wingbash attacks +2 bypass.

In addition, your lashing tail is replaced with a venomous one. You get the +3 Attack, Damage and bypass per rank in Lashing Tail, as normal, but your attack inflicts a poison burst on a successful hit, followed by an automatic cut burst as your stinger pumps your opponent full of venom before being ripped back out.

If you have Lord of the Lands you will retain your wings, but much like an emu or ostrich these vestigial wings will no longer be capable of flight. If you have Lord of the Seas, your normal wings will be replaced with pectoral wings like those of a stingray, although they will retain their spiked tips.

All wyverns have thick hides and a naturally high tolerence for poison. You gain +4% armour vs cut, stab, crush and poison damage per rank in Dragon Form.

Note that these bonuses only apply while you are in Dragon Form.

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