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Editing guidelines

Links are created with pairs of two square brackets (or two pairs of square brackets?), and custom link text can be specified after a pipe (|) character, like so:

Links are not case-sensitive as all page names are stored in lowercase.


Namespaces are the things before the colon (:) in page names and links. Existing namespaces include classes, talents, powers, spells and mechanics.

Namespaces are not displayed in a link. For example, a link to the Vampire class' page looks like this: Vampire even though the code is [[classes:Vampire]].

Note that links to namespaces should include the trailing colon, i.e. [[mechanics:]], which automatically directs to [[mechanics:index]]. These index pages should be used to contain a basic description of and table of contents for the particular namespace. See the mechanics: index for a simple example.

Example code

Individual power pages

====== Bat Form ======
^Power category      |[[Classes:Vampire]]|
^Required powers     |[[Powers:Ears of the Bat]] 5+|

Include the body text of the power's helpfile after the above table, but edit or remove things like references to helpfiles (e.g. “see 'help Summon Vermin' for more details”).

Other stuff

Detailed syntax for stuff like tables can be found on the wiki:syntax page.

Also, please don't be a dick.

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